Friday, November 23, 2007


this cake made by me for my little niece serra...she is a very nice,pretty,smart and clever girl,and i love her very very much...

You can make a cake however you want,but i can write this recipe's details ...

First of all you have to make a sponge cake or you can buy it.

For this cake i used ;

5 eggs

1 cup of sugar

2 teaspoon of baking powder

2-3 spoon cacao

2-3 spoon of milk

2-3 spoon of olive oil

Mix all of them,pour in a 22 cm. round shaped cakepan.Cook in preheat oven app.25 minutes.Than cut the cake 3-4 pieces,wet it with jam+water.
Make a cream,you can use different creams.I usually use pure cream.I mix it for 5 minutes with some powder sugar,add some chocalate..
that's all,cake+cream+different ornaments
good a petite..

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Cynthia said...

Thank you for posting the recipe in English. Much appreciated.